Work period: 18/03/2024 – 11/04/2024

Site: Corso Sebastopoli – Turin

Technology used: UV-CIPP

Circular pipe dimensions: DN1900 with a thickness of 12 mm

Length of rehabilitated section: 252 m

The rehabilitation was completed in the period between 18 March and 22 April 2024, a discontinuous period of time causing several interruptions due to rainfall: the actual days to restore the 252 m long portion of the collector were approximately ten days, net of restarts due to bad weather. 4 launches have been planned starting from the single chamber, completed in a single day of work to which is added, for each section, a day characterized by terminal activities such as: opening of connections, sealing of wells/heads/ connections and video inspection.

The white collector approximately 10 m deep from the ground level, located in Corso Sebastopoli in Turin, was renovated with UV-CIPP technology and the work essentially highlighted three critical issues:

  1. Presence of only one launch chamber upstream;
  2. Absence of wells aligned with the pipeline and reduced internal spaces with consequent difficulty in inserting the DN1500 packers;
  3. Densely populated area characterized by large vehicular traffic.

In order to guarantee the dry condition, a bypass with two pumps was installed and left active 24 hours a day.

The rehabilitation was successfully completed, allowing Blueco to achieve a professional record.