Rehabilitation Corso Sebastopoli - Turin

Work period: 07/11/2022 – 23/11/2022

Site: Corso Sebastopoli – Turin

Technology used: UV-CIPP

Circular pipe dimensions: DN1800 with a thickness of 12 mm

Length of rehabilitated section: 500 m

In the period between 07/11/2022 and 23/11/2022, the rehabilitation of one of the largest wastewater pipelines in Turin using UV-CIPP technology, with a total length of approx. 500 m, was successfully completed on schedule. The work involved a DN1800 circular pipe installed below the Corso Sebastopoli market, located in the south-west of the Piedmont capital. The work was completed with minimum impact on the area’s high footfall by using UV-CIPP technology and highly experienced personnel. A significant challenge was undoubtedly posed by the location, which was busy until late in the afternoon - occupied first by the street stalls and later, by the staff and vehicles involved in cleaning the street. It was decided to carry out a single large excavation with a depth of approximately 10 m from the ground level, at the corner of Corso Sebastopoli and Corso Orbassano. This allowed the operators to lower the crates of liners into it and work with greater safety and freedom in line with the position of the pipeline. Crucially, the periodic use of a drone allowed the state of the pipe to be quickly and safely recorded. The wastewater service was maintained thanks to the implementation of a by-pass which was fully restored after the work was completed.