Rehabilitation with mortar Piazza Galimberti - Cuneo

Work period: 03/06/2024 – 06/06/2024

Site: Piazza Galimberti - Cuneo

Technology used: Thixotropic mortar

Polycentric pipe dimensions: 900x1350

Length of rehabilitated section: 55 m

In the period 03-06 June 2024, at Piazza Galimberti in Cuneo, the rehabilitation activity of the ovoid pipeline measuring 900x1350 for a length of approximately 55 m was completed successfully and in a short time. A preliminary inspection highlighted widespread erosion of the bottom channel and the lower part of the walls of the pipeline with some areas characterized by crumbling of the concrete with the emergence of inert material and evident exfiltration of sewage towards the outside.

To deal with what emerged from the inspection, the surface in question was initially cleaned, subsequently an AISI 304 stainless steel electro-welded mesh with 4 mm wire, 40 x 40 mm mesh was laid on the bottom of the channel, finally a thixotropic mortar was spread on the walls, on the platforms and on the bottom of the pipeline following the design thicknesses.