Strada del Drosso project - Turin

Work period: June 2021 – July 2021

Site: Strada del Drosso - Turin

Technology used: UV-CIPP

Oval pipe dimensions: DN1600x1100 with a thickness of 15 mm

Length of rehabilitated section: 665 m

The job in question involved the rehabilitation of a large wastewater pipeline located in Strada del Drosso in Turin using UV-CIPP technology. The latter is polycentric in shape with Dn1600x1100 dimensions: More specifically, Blueco rehabilitated a section measuring about 665 m in length. As can be seen from the proposed multimedia content, we decided to carry out several large excavations, with a depth of approximately 10 m from the C.P., in order to allow the operators to lower the crates of liner (each weighing 20 tonnes) into them and to be able to work with greater safety and freedom at the location of the pipeline.